Preparing Furnaces and Heating Systems for Winter

In this blog entry, the Phoenix-Scottsdale HVAC system cleaning and HVAC system repair service experts here at Air Duct Cleaning Near Me will detail the best ways to get your furnace and heating system ready for the cold months of Winter.

Ensuring Furnace Functionality

Try turning only our furnace to check if it’s properly working. Make sure to check that hot air is moving out of your vents – even if it’s already warm in your home (don’t take ambient warmth as a sign that the hot air is leaving the vents, check the vents thesleves!) It’s essential that you find any potential issues now rather than later when it’s a very cold day when you REALLY need to make sure your furnace works.


Changing Air Filters

Air filters protect your HVAC system from being clogged with particulate matter that can reduce efficiency, worsen air quality, strain mechanics, and even increase your energy bill. Air filters keep air clean dnd free from dust, bacteria, and allergens. Air filters need to be changed every 90 days – or more if you’re doing remodeling or construction on your property – but it’s a good idea to change your air filter anyway to prepare for the Winter.


Air Duct System Inspection and Air Duct System Cleaning

Even if you’re regularly changing your air filters, dirt, dust, germs, particulate matter, and even animal nests can rapidly build up inside your HVAC system. It’s essential to have your HVAC system and ductwork regularly inspected and cleaned to ensure that dust, debris, mold, and vermin aren’t present inside your ductwork. Only this can ensure that your air is clean and your furnace is running at ideal efficiency. Make sure that HVAC units are inspected on an annual basis, and that your air ducts are cleaned at least every 3 years – more if your home has construction, pets, or animal infestations.

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