Common Causes of Air Duct Popping Noises

There’s a wide range of issues that can cause strange noises – namely popping noises – to sound out from air ducts. In this blog entry, the Phoenix-Scottsdale HVAC system cleaning experts here at Air Duct Cleaning Near Me will detail the common causes of air duct popping noises.

Causes of HVAC Popping Sounds

Poor Insulation

Serious changes in temperature causes air duct metal to expand. This often happens in the Winer, when air ducts are freezing cold and exposed to hot air. This causes metal to make popping sounds – usually early in the day.


Poor Materials

Many buildings are made of poor materials, including air ducts. Thin, flimsy, metal air ducts usually make popping sounds, as they cave and expand in and out when hot air hits them. This is often the case when air ducts are both cheaply constructed and very narrow. Narrow air ducts seriously escalated this issue.


Repairing Air Duct Popping Sounds


If your air ducts are experiencing serious temperature changes, have insulation professionally installed to keep them at a stable temperature.


Air Duct Replacement

Consider replacing your air ducts. By replacing shoddy or old ductwork, you can possibly save a great deal of money, make your home more energy efficient, stop the popping sounds, and save money on maintenance in the future. We especially recommend this if you have aluminum, plastic, vinyl, cheap, or narrow air ducts.


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