Furnace Filter Cleaning

Furnace Filter Cleaning Phoenix

Furnace filters are designed to screen away unwanted particulates and pollutants from your heating furnace and HVAC systems – keeping your air free of allergens and germs, while keeping your hesitant and cooling systems working productively and optimally.

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me installs and replaces furnace filters for furnaces of all types at residential and commercial properties everywhere in the Greater Phoenix area, as well as Scottsdale and the entirety of Maricopa County. Through our professional furnace filter installation and replacement services, our expert technicians can keep your HVAC system running correctly, increase your ductwork’s lifespan, and reduce your monthly utility bills (especially during Summer and Winter.) 

Furnace Cleaning Service Phoenix, Arizona
Furnace Cleaning Service Phoenix, Arizona

Our Furnace Filter Cleaning Process

First, our team will turn off your HVAC system and find the service panel – removing it by hand or with professional tools. Then, we will find the furnace air filter next to the intake / outtake blower system, and inspect its level of dust. If you have a reusable furnace filter, we will remove the debris utilizing high quality negative air pressure system – and if you have a disposable furnace filter, we will simply take note of the exact filter type, throw the dirty one away, replace it with a fresh furnace filter of the proper size, and perform diagnostics to ensure your furnace system is now properly running.

Furnace Filter Types

There’s a wide range of furnace filters, ranging from cardboard framed disposable furnace filters and fiberglass or metal permanent furnace filters. Disposable furnace filters are cheaper but require monthly replacement. Permanent furnace filters save money in the long run, but must be routinely cleaned. Any quality furnace filter will come with a Minimum Efficiency Report Value (MERV) rating, which will tell you the product’s capability to trap particulate matter.  

Some furnace filter types include: 

  • Mechanical Furnace Filters – these simply capture debris with mesh. They aren’t ideal for capturing smaller particles, but work well in environments where allergies are not an issue.
  • Electrostatic Furnace FIlters – made of polyester strands that become electrically charged with airflow, these filters use static to capture dust and pollen. These are often permanent, and should be cleaned every 3 months.
  • Electronic Furnace Filters – these use a grid of charged wires to attract debris, but are so effective at capturing debris that they require weekly cleaning to properly work.
  • HEPA Furnace Filters – These expensive filters have 99% efficiency testing, exceeding MERV requirements. They are often used in high-sanitation environments like hospitals, surgical facilities, laboratories, or healthcare settings, but have become more popular and prevalent in other environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.