Cleaning FAQs


Below is our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers. After that we have included our most common calls with the appropriate information we need to take care of you.

You don’t want to end up stuck with some rather big bill if your home is damaged or a technician is injured on your property. Any air duct cleaning company with some reputation will have liability insurance and should happily provide you with proof. Don’t risk your home and savings by hiring a company that won’t provide written proof of insurance.

Unfortunately, air duct cleaning has become relatable with bait-and-switch scams and other shady pricing practices that put consumers on guard. Some companies entice customers with a whole-house air duct cleaning for a low price but then perform a substandard, incomplete job. Such dubious companies also tend to recommend unneeded extras and costly, unnecessary work.

Both the EPA and the NADCA have standards and guidelines when it comes to cleaning, servicing and maintaining air ducts. While the EPA doesn’t certify air duct cleaners, it does provide a post-cleaning checklist. That way, everyo of our customers would know what to expect from an HVAC contractor or other kinds of duct cleaning providers. You can as well look for an NADCA member because meeting such strict criteria for membership means that the company adheres to some really high standards.

Having the air ducts cleaned can significantly improve the health of the air in your home or office. Once the ducts are clean of debris, you should notice:
Increased air flow in your living space.
Even temperatures from room to room inside your property.
Lower utility bills, helping you save some cool cash.
Improved indoor air quality, which means you get more indoor comfort.
Reduced allergy triggers especially for people with conditions.
Reduced frequency of house cleaning, less work for you.

It is actually a risky thing to take someone else’s word for it that your air duct system is free and rid of all the debris and hazardous pollutants that once gave it stomach aches. Protect your home and investment by selecting a service provider like us that offers both before and after images of your air duct system. You should be able to clearly see where problems were identified and how they were resolved. If a company doesn’t offer visual inspection, keep looking around for the one that does. Protecting your home and family are your top priorities. Regular maintenance, like cleaning your air duct system, is part of that protection. Use these questions to have all the information you need to make an informed decision before you invite an air duct contractor into your home.